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Yan Sun Art Museum - Museum, Gallery, and Studio

Yan Sun Art Museum locates in a beautiful Art Deco style building downtown Zanesville, Ohio. The Museum houses exhibitions, culture displays, lectures, and permanent collections. The Museum facilitates art and culture exchange programs by creating and sponsoring exhibitions of artworks created by artists from both Western and non-Western cultures.

In the Museum, you will have a chance to view and even collect award-winning artist Yan Sun’s paintings that represent a variety of subjects – ballet and music, landscape, marine, and local history. Please contact Yan Sun Art Museum for pricing and availability of original paintings.

Special Projects

Yan Sun works on these paintings because he believes that reflecting philosophical idea about life, time, and space can be an everlasting theme of art. Chinese philosophy emphasizes the oneness of inner feeling and external observation. It places emphasis on finding the source inside the human mind.

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Ballet and Music

The beauty of ballet and music always attracts Yan Sun. He often listens to music when he works on paintings. It is such a wonderful feeling! Music is a great gift to people from God. Yan Sun loves music, especially music of Beethoven, Bach, and Tchaikovsky. Music is often the source of inspiration for his paintings.

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Landscape/ History

During weekends, Yan Sun would like to spend some time and paint in the countryside, at lakes, and in mountain parks far from the city. He appreciates the changing colors of the four seasons of Nature.

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Yan Sun is fascinated with the reflection of lakes in different time of a day and of different seasons in a year. Working on marine and water wonders for him is just like relaxing, not working.

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Portrait / People

Yan Sun meets with people and he enjoys meeting with people. He likes history and wants to know people who he did not know earlier.

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Still Life

Yan Sun believes that an artist must create symbols of the experiences of heart because art is always above real life. One noticeable object in many of Yan Sun's paintings is an origami bird. Originally made by his son, Mark, when he was little, this origami bird serves as a symbol of happiness, peace, harmony, and love. Yan Sun has been collecting his origami birds and repeatedly let them appear in his paintings.

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Yan Sun paints horses, dogs, cows, sheep... because they are our friends. He likes them and often feel like he can talk with them with no pressure.

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Painting Demonstrations/Classes

In addition to university teaching, Yan Sun provide painting demonstrations and classes to the community. In the recent years, he has offered painting demonstrations at museum such as Zanesville Museum of Art, Hayden Museum of American Art, and Tuscarawas Center for the Arts.

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Selected Videos of Yan Sun are featured on YouTube.

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