The Unity of Nature and Humanity
Chinese Mausoleum Stone Sculptures in the Tang Dynasty

By Hong Yin and Yan Sun

Published by Sanqin Publishers, Shaanxi Publishing Group

This book is dedicated to the memory of Professors Wang Ziyun and He Zhenghuang, our teachers, mentors and friends. Their guidance and encouragement have been extraordinary.

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  About the Authors

Hong Yin received her Doctor of Education degree and Master of Science degree at Texas A&M University-Commerce. Hong Yin was awarded a Master of Arts degree with a major in Western art history from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts and a Bachelor's degree in the Fine Arts from Northwest China Normal University. She was named "Alumni Ambassador" of Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2006.

From 1987 to 1993, Hong Yin was a faculty member of the Department of Art History and Art Theory at Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, teaching Western art history. In the United States of America, her professional area extended to visual communications. She teaches art history and graphic design at Muskingum University, USA.

Hong Yin's research interests focus on 19th century European art, contemporary art, Chinese mausoleum sculpture, and graphic design. She has authored or coauthored several published books in art history, graphic design, and educational technology, including The Old Silk Road, Contemporary Chinese Painting (coauthor with Yan Sun) and An Exploration into Graphic Design. She is also the translator of two published books of art history: Primitivism in Modern Art and Movements in Art since 1945.

She has published a series of articles on mausoleum sculptures, such as Imperial Guardian Statuary of the Qianling Mausoleum in the Tang Dynasty, The Six Steeds of the Zhaoling Mausoleum in the Tang Dynasty, Heavenly Horse Sculptures of the Tailing Mausoleum, Shunling Mausoleum Stone Lions in the Tang Dynasty, Auspicious Animal Sculptures of the Southern Dynasty, and The Outdoor Sculpture Museum – Song Dynasty Mausoleum in Gongxian, Henan Province.

Yan Sun received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Texas A&M University-Commerce, his Master of Arts degree of Art History from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, and his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Northwest China Normal University. He was named "Alumni Ambassador" of Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2006.

The Ruth Dorsey Neptune Distinguished Professor of Fine Arts and Director of Art Gallery at Muskingum University, USA, Yan Sun is a recipient of Muskingum University's The William Oxley Thompson Award for Excellence in Teaching and The William Rainey Harper Award for Outstanding Scholarship.

Yan Sun is also a published and exhibited artist who has shown his paintings nationally and internationally. His artworks appear in books such as Yan Sun – Cross Culture ∙ Cross Century and Life ∙ Time ∙ Space – Yan Sun's Paintings published by Hayden Museum of American Art.

Yan Sun is the author and coauthor of published art books, including The Old Silk Road, Contemporary Chinese Painting (coauthored with Hong Yin). His research papers about Tang Dynasty mausoleum sculptures have appeared in research journals, magazines, and newspapers in China and Hong Kong since 1986, including Northwest Art (Art research journal of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts), Northwest Normal University Research Journal, and Artist (Hong Kong). In 1989, he was invited by Dr. Donald Ruthenberg, president of Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri, to present his paper, The Vigorous Growth of the Aesthetic of Imagery – The Artistic Characteristics of Chinese Mausoleum Sculptures, at the Asian Pacific Conference on Arts Education.

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