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If you love art and are looking for a place to enjoy high-end art, visit Yan Sun Art Museum. If you hope to collect paintings by award-winning artist Yan Sun, visit Yan Sun Art Museum. And, if you want to connect with artists and art collectors, visit Yan Sun Art Museum.

What is Yan Sun Art Museum?

Yan Sun Art Museum has been established to provide an ideal space to appreciate paintings created by artist Yan Sun. The Museum also works to provide various art programs, including exhibitions and lectures, to its community members.

Does Yan Sun Art Museum do studio visits?

Yes, by appointment. Visitors will have the chance to meet Yan Sun in his studio on the second floor, viewing his painting-in-progress and watching him painting.

Can I purchase Yan Sun's original paintings in the Museum?

Yes, visitors are welcome to view and collect their favorite paintings by Yan Sun at the Museum.

When can I visit Yan Sun Art Museum?

The Museum is open by appointment.
However, it normally opens to the public on the first Friday of a month during the Art Walk of Zanesville, 5:00pm - 8:00pm.

Do you charge a fee for visits, guided tours for groups, afternoon tea, and art lovers series?

Visits are welcome, free of charge.

Can my organization or company host a event at Yan Sun Art Museum?

Yes. Organizations and companies are welcome to cooperate with the Museum for special events.

How to contact Yan Sun Art Museum?

Email: contact@yansun.us
Phone: 740-819-9762

Where is Yan Sun Art Museum located?

604 Main Street
Zanesville, Ohio
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