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Yan Sun Paintings - Marine & Water Wonders

Yan Sun is fascinated with the reflection of lakes in different time of a day and of different seasons in a year. Working on marine and water wonders for him is just like relaxing, not working.

Please click the thumbnails to view larger images. Please contact Yan Sun Art Museum for pricing and availability.

Yan Sun, Oil Painting, Boat Pleasure Yan Sun, Oil Painting, Fishing Boy Yan Sun, Oil Painting, Morning Reflection Yan Sun, Oil Painting, Summer Time
Boat Pleasure
30" x 48"
Fishing Boy
30" x 40"
Morning Reflection
18" x 24"
Boats at the Harbor
24" x 36"
Yan Sun, Painting, Barcarole Yan Sun, Oil Painting, Wonders of Water Yan Sun, Painting, A Stream of Morning Air Yan Sun, Painting, Evening Glow

Wonders of Water
36" x 24"
A Stream of
Morning Air
Evening Glow
36" x 60"
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